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This project was rather falling by the wayside even before I went and got myself a full-time job, but I’ve not forgotten about it.

For now, though, I just want to quickly mention this post at my other blog, about the frightening levels of venom, hatred, and bloodlust that have recently been directed at someone merely implicated in the disappearance of a young girl.

The fact that the man hadn’t been charged with any crime, and it hadn’t even been determined whether the missing child’s body had been found, make this case all the more disheartening. But even if it becomes known with certainty that Tia Sharpe died at his hands, he doesn’t deserve to be tortured to the extent that many are already planning for him.

It may be the case that there must be consequences for his actions. But whatever he’s done, he remains a human being. So do those Facebook commenters who deny his humanity and delight in the thought of such “scum” suffering immensely. There are no “others”.

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