Seen some instance in the news of some individual or group being unfairly dismissed as part of a disrespected outgroup? Got a historical example of popular othering you think we should consider, or some aspect of psychological research we haven’t covered yet?

Just leave a comment below. The thread is open to any suggestions regarding what should be discussed on this blog, or any other ways it could be improved.


3 thoughts on “Suggestions

  1. soulfood365 says:

    Lots of evidence of othering in the post-referendum landscape in Scotland. On both sides of the Yes/No divide.

  2. Ann Conrad says:

    Indigenous people in Canada are definitely classified as the “other”. Why else would it be acceptable for a significant portion of our population to have inadequate housing, access to safe water and an affordable healthy diet? Indigenous women have it even worse. If any other group of people in our country were missing and murdered in the numbers that they experience, there would be a national outcry.

  3. What about othering between the sexes? In the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal I have read several articles discussing men’s potential role in helping to create a more equitable society. Two of the articles – yes, just two out of many – appeared to me to be othering towards men.

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