Read This First

This blog is intended to act as a catalogue and a set of resources on the subject of “othering” in public discourse.

We plan to examine any instance of this dehumanising tactic that comes to our attention. We anticipate a particular focus on political and religious discourse, but are also interested in any public discussion in which humans seek to diminish each other.

There will also be occasional “Othering 101” posts, describing further what we mean by the term, and looking into any pertinent psychological research.

If you come across any example of othering that you think we should draw attention to, leave a comment on the Suggestions page. For more detail on exactly what sort of thing we mean, check this Othering 101 post.

This project was set up by James Norriss, who blogs and tweets as writerJames. It was an idea which had been brewing for a while, and eventually something crystallised and started to seem like a worthwhile project.

8 thoughts on “Read This First

  1. tmso says:

    Um…where’s the subscribe button?

  2. […] or group becomes mentally classified in somebody’s mind as “not one of us.” (James Norriss,–Also see Centre for the Study of Otherness,  It is a way […]

  3. lydia says:

    Hi I’d like to cite “othering 101” in a research project I’m doing on othering veganism. How can I reference it? Who wrote it? Please get back to me, many thanks. Lydia

  4. Rediet says:

    Hello, I also wanted to cite “othering 101” in a research paper. Would please tell us a way to reference it. Please reply me as soon as you can. I want to know the writer.

  5. Francesca V. says:

    Hi, I would like to cite “otheing 101” too. Please let me know how it can be referenced and who the author is. Thanak you!

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