America’s history of tribalism

A Tiny Revolution has a collection of quotes that demonstrate the way white Americans have dehumanised others to justify imperialism, conquest, and slavery.

The Oriental doesn’t put the same high price on life as does a Westerner.

[T]he Iraqis don’t on the whole say “darn it, you shouldn’t have blown up all of our houses.” They sort of accept that.

[Sheikhs]… do not seem to resent… that women and children are accidentally killed by bombs.

Marine major Julian Smith testified that the “racial psychology” of the “poorer class of Nicaraguans” made them “densely ignorant… A state of war to them is a normal condition.”

Their griefs are transient. Those numberless afflictions, which render it doubtful whether heaven has given life to us in mercy or in wrath, are less felt, and sooner forgotten with them.

The third quote there was actually from a British commander. Any cursory glance at history will tell you that my country is also among the experts at “othering” foreigners to the point of redefining them as entirely separate species.

And that last one? Thomas Jefferson, talking about black slaves.

Holy crap people are good at hating other people.

And we’re not over it yet. Not by a long shot.

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One thought on “America’s history of tribalism

  1. Vera Calon says:

    Hello, came on your blog as looking up the relatively new word in the historic-psycholexicon, “othering” And enjpying your obviously smart remarks and communications here. So that’s comment number one.
    and so in respect for your own outward dialogue, here are a couple of thoughts that are magnetized to your writing, that I see often lacking from the perspective, and yet that are central to the understanding and creation of the phenomenon of “othering”..and that is the brother religions (there are others, but I was borught up in these forms, as likely were you and yours, seeing the British roots) of JCM toxic family,Jewish, Chritian and Muslim brothers (certainyl not sisters..) whose info presented to people as “the Truth” is based on that awful story of Eve and Adam and several after, all taken as, well “gospel”. Freud slipped up on many an important regard, but the noticing that it is the micro difference that creates the most ferocious “othering” is of course obvious, (fearing for one’s own integrity because almost oneself–if that integrity is “other” based, as Freuds JC viewbase was) and certainly here, in these three sects from the same family roots who are doing their best to tear the world apart with their bickerings, and try thereby to “prove” that their world which allows such “IS” the only world etc etc..which of course is as far from the truth as the various Christian forms of theiir cross is far from the balance and respect of movement of the four directions we all live by our bodies’ forms.. Here I am looking at the education of “othering”, not applying it–indeed, it the fact that the opposite applies, that we are all one, that makes these sects and their imposition of “othering” as their base indoctrination. I came to the awareness the other day in an argument with my ex-Catho partner that the true definition of the “original sin” was exactly what these sects teach as “virtue and truth”, ie The idea of separation as a reality. All the presimptions of these three brothers are based onaccepting separation, that separation exists and is true and you’d better live with it if you don’t want us to hurt and murder you, more or less. As of course we are all one of one “creation creating”, not even something that moves, but movement itself, . I’d say the result of Source’s wish to dance-make music-make love (of course all the same!!) is the creation of “us” from Her as a second point to create movement with, us being part of tha materialization of Love that all material is (movement of electrons and smaller that creates a “thing” matter) . So of course these civilations advanced on the principle of “othering”, it is in the base of each baby’s education which was trunined into indoctrination, starting in the womb as they absorb their mother’s responses, in that civilisation’s ways and means. The holocaust, the inquisition etc are all based on the principles that Love is abuse and abuse is Love, so when I hurt you I am “loving” you as the Bible commands to think of obedience to Love as being. And it begins of course with you “and” Divine, which is other than you, if you’re female, than anything other than you in your health, as long as abusive of you then good, ie “Love”. etc etc. Add to that what has come up it seems clear, as the truest definition of pain and suffering, exalted as the equivalent to godliness in these brother’s proselytism, as “falsity signalling it’s wish please to be brought back to Truth( ( the real definition, not the one of suffering as “truth”, an obvious non-sense) asap” and that becomes even clearer despite my pedantry trying to describe it! Evil and good are no equals as these religions claim, putting pain and torture on the level or even beyaond the importance of Divine or any Love, it’s more Source-Lovingcreationness-Truth (the “Is” of all “things”) ..;and bullshite. What hurts in the realization of a truth is never the truth, it is the exposition of the falsity that was asking to be brought Home showing itself. I have faced personally some of the most difficult truths there can be for a person–they never hurt, they set free, of course. Falsity, the false, does,, justement because it doesn’t move correctly, goes againt the movement we are, blocks. So otherness is a concept that is based on a system that promotes falsoty and suffering as their “god”–instead of seeing how each new movement (ie thing, person with their choices, etc) gives and embellishes the flow and movement of all things ( yes, I was a classical dancer befoer I became a singer..) into more interest, far from any concept of enemy or conflict. Without confronting the real basis conditioning of these othering ideas as the optic through which to see and handle out reality, there can never be a resolution. Turning and turning in the same toxic swamp, we can only go down under and lose ourselves thinking it is the oterh who is dragging us under–when it is our own decision to promenade in the toxic swamp. Dry land and gardens are much more to my taste, and far more honest, as we are not created to be swamp creatures, it is not our environment of health, and never can be. Gardens, on the other hand, fields and forests, yes..That is where we will find our peace. Not in the toxicity of this family’s brainwashing and lost thrashing about becasue of their own misguided and poisonous optics’ manuals of “How to Live Life in a Swamp”. If you get my meaning. There’s a reason why we love singing more than croaking and cries of desperate pain. Singing, for instance, speaks the Truth of that choice and the difference. Certainly not glorifies pain, but the Truth of heart that describes where Love and Truth are instead and to move your whatever and get back to it. IN the hope that this has amused you and clarified a few important things that our societies are now only just remembering-discovering why.. Best regards and…sogni d’oro. To post or not, as you see fit.

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