Gay Pride compared to KKK

Today’s post on Cubik’s Rube was about the recent comments by Cardinal Francis George, the Archbishop of Chicago, in which he expressed concern that the Gay Pride Parade in that city might “morph into something like the Ku Klux Klan”.

There’ll be a more prominent article on this site about gay rights in due course. More pertinent at the moment is this quote, part of a statement in support of the cardinal that was offered by the Illinois Family Institute:

The salient question for conservatives is, “Does the analogy work?” … Whether it offends the sensibilities of those who choose to make their unchosen homosexual attractions central to their identity is irrelevant.

The explicit declaration of this organisation is that whether what they say offends or hurts gay people, or adds to the general atmosphere of their oppression, doesn’t matter in the slightest when they choose their words. They’ve neatly blinkered themselves to the feelings of this bloc of fellow human beings, so that they get to denounce anyone who commits “indecent, degrading, undignified” acts, without having to feel a shred of empathy toward the people they’re demeaning.

Even leaving aside the question of the morals of homosexual behaviour, this method of treating people is unkind, and not conducive to achieving any humane goals. “Love the sinner, hate the sin” is a phrase commonly heard from some Christians, but if it’s a homily the Illinois Family Institute are trying to abide by, they don’t seem to be having much success with the first part.

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